Introducing…… The New Face of Craft Cask Ale.

Rising out of Chesham comes a crafty take on Cask Ale

CRAFTY HARE has landed…

an offshoot of Haresfoot Brewery




Our Launch Beer, Stowaway IPA, fresh out of the fermenter. Tasting great then. Tasting great now.

Stowaway- A proper IPA.

This beer seeks to reclaim the IPA as an English hopped recipe. We’re taking it back to Burton. Super Hoppy, Super Tasty. An old style through a new lens.

CRAFTY HARE is coming out with a new special every 6 weeks following a basic and fundamental philosophy:

  • Use Good Ingredients
  • Respect The Heritage, Refine The Modern
  • Make Good Beer

Stowaway is a one-off brew so will be Hare today, Gone tomorrow.

Time to get working on the next one…



4 thoughts on “Introducing…… The New Face of Craft Cask Ale.”

    1. Hi William,

      It’s going to be on at the Rising Sun in Berkhamsted for their beer festival this weekend. Other than than, it’ll be cropping up in pubs all over Herts, Bucks and a couple in North London. Let me know where you’re based and I can tell you what pubs nearby will have it on.


    1. Hi David,

      We don’t currently have a bottle shop or tasting area at the brewery. We’re not likely to have any tapped in the brewery for a little while but if we do, I’ll be sure to let you know and I might be able to sort you out a bottle or two. If you want an update on which pubs have it on give me an email on


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